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Ayano: “And other time’s we’re just alive like normal”

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Another giveaway inbound

Hi so ive saved up money alot of money! and because my other giveaway was a big hit i decided why not have another one this time ill have more stuff and more fandom stuff involved

1st place

  • 2 cosplays of choice (up to 150$ each)
  • 2 wigs 
  • 2 contacts from pinkyparadise
  • 2 fandom shirts of your choice
  • fandom merch of your choice (up to 45$)

2nd place

  • 1 cosplay (up to 130$)
  • 1 wig 
  • 1 pair of contacts
  • 2 fandom shirts of your choice
  • fandom merch of your choice (up to 25$)

3rd place

  • 1 wig
  • 1 pair of contacts
  • 1 fandom shirt
  • fandom merch up to (15$)
  • and a bag of candy omf


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Giveaway ends June 28th

also depending on the notes this gets ill add more stuff 

(also if a homestuck wins and they want horns ill totes make some im rly good at it)

Kuroshitsuji ED 1 - I’m Alive! (Becca)

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Mirai and Sakura being adorable as always! (σ≧▽≦)σ

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That awkward moment when you can’t draw a good face to match your eyes

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My relationship with my followers
Me: ask me anything guys, nothing is off the limits.
Me: okay, I'll just reblog some pictures.


sakura dream no 3 by purple sakura

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PEOPLE GIVE MIKASA SO MUCH SHIT and it’s funny, but seriously, picture that your parents were brutally murdered in front of you - Eren literally saved her LIFE, taught her to defend for herself, provided her with a new home and comfort and love when she was empty and hollow. HE SAVED HER FROM BEING SOLD INTO THE SEX TRADE. SHE WOULD HAVE BEEN RAPED AND GAGGED AND BEATEN FOR THE REST OF HER LIFE IF IT WASNT FOR HIM.

Her attachment to Eren is valid and she doesn’t need to explain why she is so overprotective, thanks.


not to mention it was literally Carla Jaeger’s dying wish for Mikasa keep Eren safe like holy shit do the people who give her shit ever think that maybe she isn’t just overprotective but instead she’s trying to fulfill the promise she made to the woman who stepped in as a kind and loving mother, after Mikasa had to watch her own parents get brutally murdered before her eyes?

it’s understandable, but it doesn’t make it healthy

yeah but which characters in SNK are actually healthy? everyone’s got their own shit going on in this series but Mikasa seems to get a metric fucktton of it compared to the rest. 

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Happy Birthday ♣ Sharon Rainsworth!

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